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G-13 is a strain of cannabis. G13 has two phenotypes: indica and sativa. It was bred from an Afghani strain, which typically indicates an indica or indica dominant strain because Afghani landraces are indicas. Since it was taken as a clone, almost the only things available are crosses such as G13 x Piney and G13 x Hashplant or so-called “selfed” or sibling crossed seeds such as G13 IX. Selfing involves stressing a female plant to the point that it becomes a hermaphrodite, producing male flowers that then pollinate the female flowers. Spraying a female plant with gibberillic acid can also cause stamen production. Caution should be taken not to inhale the mist. G-13 can also be linked to a strain of cannabis referred to as G-14, and is sold in certain sections of Southern Africa. According to legend G-13 is the “mother plant” of G-14. G-14 is easily identified as a very strong wild variety strain of cannabis with a potent “fruity” smell.

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