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1 g: $10.00

Get Activated and Motivated. Shortbread is uplifting and gives a perfect Boost. Aroma: Berries Candy and Chemicals Flavor Profile: Citrus Berry Grower’s Notes: “Very frosty and aromatic.” Geneticist Notes: “This is an excellent hybrid that profiles the traditional Oregon Berry stature, resin production, and flower composition. A Grown Rogue original, we intend to further the generations each season to curate a collection of vintages that showcase the annual terroir and traits cataloged by our collective team.” Grower’s Notes: “Very frosty and aromatic.” Geneticist Notes: “This F1 has distinct purple and green phenotypes but the flower clusters stay along varigated profiles with both green and purple calyxes and produces a high that is calming but inspiring.”

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