Eclipse farm-ecology extracts Activ8 Cooling Vapor Rub

Topical Details
Size:1oz (oz)
Ingredients:, , , , , ,
Topical Pricing
Price per unit:$40.00
  • A rich organic blend of Virgin Coconut and Hemp Seed Oil infused with Organic Eucalyptus, Camphor, Menthol and Eclipse Farm ecology Extract Decarboxylated for effective use
  • Great for uses with cold and allergy symptoms, coughs, congestion,muscle and joint pain, tension and anxiety.
  • Made right here in Merlin, Oregon
  • Eclipse farm ecology is a health and wellness concentrate and infused products company specializing in the use of cannabis and other healthy and healing herbs to produce unique products that may be used to improve vitality, longevity, happiness, well being, disease prevention and healing. We craft all of our concentrates and infused products in regard to our suffering earth and her inhabitants. We believe cannabis can heal and that sustainable and ecological practive in growing and processing  cannabis is absolutely necessary in order to perpetuate a healthy and vital planet and people. Sound Science and safe traditional extraction methods are at the root of every product with our name on it. We produce and package all of our concentrates and infusions from beginning to end in a Hygienic lab environment using standard practice for safe food handling. We extract using safe closed loop light hydro carbon extraction systems and methods as well as other safe forms of extraction, infusion and distillation. We safely reclaim more than 98% of any solvent used in any of our process.

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